Welcome to Be Bold Be Brave! I'm Britney Gutzwiller, the Author of The Best and Worst of Postpartum. I am an expert in anxiety and depression and I specialize in Postpartum Depression. Through my writing, my courses, and my mentoring I teach men and women how to heal their minds and free themselves of anxiety and depression.
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Be Bold Be Brave?  

Why? Well...let me tell you! Here's a little bit about my story. It wasn't that long ago that life felt nearly perfect. I had married the love of my life, my high school sweetheart and we had just welcomed our first born. A sweet bundle of joy, all boy and so much fun. In 2010, it felt like everything in my life had flipped upside down. My family experienced a few deaths of loved ones, my father in law was in a devastating accident that left him with life long challenges and the unexpected demise of my parents marriage all occurred within the same year. I spent the next two years staying strong and being there for everyone else and in the process I wasn't there for myself.

 In 2012 it all hit me in the form of intense anxiety. I walked around for 5 years straight fear ridden with unhealthy thought patterns and awful anxiety everyday. I had daily panic attacks, and physical anxiety symptoms running through my body constantly. I saw doctors, went to a therapist and longed to just be cured and feel like I used to. I wanted my healthy mind back and I wanted to feel peace in my body again. I was "diagnosed" with PTSD, general anxiety disorder and a panic disorder. I say "diagnosed" loosely because I refused to take this on as who I now was and I knew it had to be curable. I was told I would deal with this diagnosis forever. I refused to believe that. But, my struggle continued.

 In 2016 after the birth of my beautiful daughter I learned that I was experiencing Postpartum Depression and anxiety. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The years of anxiety I had felt prior had nothing on this postpartum thing. I felt terrified, confused, so so low and just downright awful. I had felt like I hit rock bottom! That is exactly when I finally decided I wanted take responsibility for what I had been going through and seek mental help. You see, in the past anyone I seeked help from wanted to treat my physical symptoms. But.... Anxiety starts in the mind. When the postpartum hit the first two doctors I went to also only wanted to treat the physical symptoms...but anxiety and depression start in the mind. I wanted the real mental help, the real, raw and honest truth about my mind, my awful thoughts and what to do with them! I love doctors and believe that most of them do the best that they can to help but I quickly learned that there is actually very little help due to a lack of  knowledge surrounding this topic. It quickly became my goal to be this change in the world.  

Thankfully, in the midst of my postpartum struggle,  my life was blessed with an amazing behavioral psychologist who became my mentor. His methods are very unorthodox, yet very effective. He taught me everything I had been wanting to know, and with my experience and his knowledge, I healed myself! At my lowest, in order to be bold enough to decide to change my life, it was important for me to be brave enough.  After staying committed to changing my mind, learning the equivalence to a 6 year psychology degree and diligently applying the knowledge to my own life, it has become my passion to teach others how to heal as I did. We all deserve to live a life full of abundant health, wealth and happiness and feel great all at the same time. When we understand how the mind works and how to train it properly, we are then able to master all areas of our life. So be bold enough to decide to change, be brave enough to actually commit to yourself! Be Bold Be Brave today! 
Master your mind, Master your life. 
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